How much profit Can I earn

In forex trading monthly growth of 25% is enough. Suppose U have invested 1000 USD so your monthly target will be 25%, that is 250 USD, It is Hand some amount and U can obtain that success easily. So in that case your Weekly target will 65 USD and daily target will be 13 USD . How much loss U can accept, market will not move as with the directional way u always expect it may go against you, So U need to use stop loss to protect your capital. daily loss of 2% is usually acceptable, If U loss more than 6% of total capital in a day stop the trade. It is for your capital protection. How much pips in a day usually EUR/USD daily trading range is 120 pips average, So you never make a target beyond this range, In daily trade your target profit is 60 pips and SL will be 40 pips, So your gain will be 20 pips for day trading. If daily 20 pips , weekly 100 pips and monthly 400 pips this is enough for EUR/USD, So in each pair u see daily trading range and make target less than the range. How much capital U should invest: Never invest >5% capital, If U have 1000 USD, U just invest 50 USD, levarage is 200, Divide the capital into 4 equal parts invest 2 part and keep two part in hand.

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