Garudasana ( Eagle Pose) – How to do and Their Benefits

Ever you have done Garudasana? If you prefer yoga rather than heavy exercises then you must have to know about Garudasana pose. This asana has benefits to remove severe physical as well as mental illnesses. This is not so active exercise but a part of gentle yoga pose and also shows a great advantage on our health. Therefore, today in this article we are discussing on Garudasana pose as well as their health benefits.
All of you know that Garuda means the epic which is the “king of the birds,” and the vehicle of Vishnu. Garuda was initially recognized with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays.” In English Garuda means ‘Eagle’ and this pose be obliged its commitment to ‘Garuda.’ The main purpose of this yoga pose is very beneficial for your legs, lower back and your hips. You have to stand on one leg while performing this pose and hence this asana is so named.

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